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Catching Up with My Homies

May 26, 2023

May 30, 2023

Greensboro, North Carolina

It is incredibly special to still feel so loved and appreciated by people I have known for decades. 

Visiting Clarissa in Greensboro, NC, her homeland, was very special in many ways. Our lives have taken many twists and turns but yet, we always find each other in the eye of the tornado. 

We were privileged to attend a house show featuring Cliff Cash Comedy.
Cliff is a long time friend from Gastonia, NC and is crushing his stand-up comedy. I highly recommend anyone check out his YouTube or Facebook page.

Cliff Cash performing at a house party in Greensboro, NC

"Comedy is acting out optimism."Robin Williams

Floyd, Virginia

Finally Jansen joined the family 5 days later and we felt complete. Jansen and I had an opportunity to visit Clarissa at her homestay in Floyd, VA.

Clarissa has scored an opportunity to escape her daily grind by fleeing to an old decked out school bus tucked in a grove of trees amongst pastureland owned by her friends. She works hard, makes things beautiful and nourishes her inner scout. 

She took us to the local bar, Lush Lounge and Blind Pig

We soaked in the hot tub amongst the lightening bugs, slept in a 200 year old house, listened to 33s and drank bubbles from Botanist and Barrel:

Clarissa and Anna - BFF since 1990

View from deck in Floyd

200 year old house in Floyd. Creatively reconstructed, remodeled

Clarissa having a libation in the speakeasy

Jansen chillin which is a rare sight!