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Fontainebleau Climbing

Jun 6, 2023

June 3, 2023

A familar feeling came over me as we left Paris traffic and entered the quiet rural lands outside of Fontainebleau. I felt calm, peaceful, and ready to live the life of a Frenchman, not necessiraly a Parisian. We arrived at our AirBnB in Barbizon, France. Jansen and I have visited Fontainebleau in the past and we highly recommend the upscale, fun community of Barbizon. The location is excellent, the walking streets are quaint and the food is superb. 

Climbing List:

Day 1 - Bas Cuvier

Day 2 - Franchard Isitas

Day 3 - Canche Aux Merciers

Day 4 - Roche aux Sabots

Day 5 - Rest day in Versailles - Oops, that was not quite restful!

Day 6 - Franchard Cuisiniere

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”John Muir

Can you find the boy?