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Parc Asterix

Jun 2, 2023

June 3, 2023

After fleeing Paris, everyone intact, we headed north to Parc Asterix. With kids, you gotta do kid things. And I will say - the French know how to design a roller coaster. The coasters there were soooo much more fun than other parks I have visited. Thank you France! 

What was your favorite ride?

- Saraya: The Super Giant Collusus Roller Coaster

- Soren: The big blue roller coaster

- Anna: The giant discus roller coaster

- Jansen: The giant discuss roller coaster (copy cat!)

What is unique about a French amusement park compared to Lagoon or DisneyWorld?

- Saraya: I like Parc Asterix because its theme is Vikings, and Vikings are cooler than Disney princesses.

- Soren: There were more water roller coasters.

- Anna: The food! We had ham sandwiches on baguettes!

- Jansen: The rides were less maintained and the rules were much more lax.

The swing ride

Frozen Fanta Drinks. Fanta is a favorite in France.