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Soorts-Hossegor, France - Beach Time!

Jun 12, 2023

June 8, 2023

The sandy beaches of the Bay of Biscay along the west coast of France were our next destination. We had grand plans to surf with Eric, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. The ocean was as flat as a crepe. The kids had good attitudes and made the best of it. What kid doesn't love water and sand?!?

I would definitely recommend Hoosegor if you are in France. It is near Blaye so you can make it a part of a fine wine tour. The vibe is chill, the people are really nice and the community is very active.

Soren side story - We had a bakery on the bottom floor of the apartment. Mom gave me and Saraya some Euros to buy some stuff. So, we were walking to the bakery, like you know. We bought the stuff, yeah, yeah. Then she showed us the receipt and it said $3.40 and we only had $3. So, we asked if we should go back up and grab some more money. And she said "No, No.". Later we we tried to give her the $.40 and she still said "No, No." She is very, very nice.

Chillin on the beach

The surf shop was also below the apartment where we stayed. There was a restaurant, shopping, and treats

Frozen Fanta Drinks. Fanta is a favorite in France.

Sunset view from the apartment

Extracurricular Activities

We found a few things other than hanging on the beach. We rented bikes to explore the canal, took paddle boards through the canal, and hung out at a silly pirate ship. Frenchies love cheesy beach activities for kids just as much as Americans!

Paddle Board on canal

Finally a photo of Jansen!

Soren really wants a skateboard.

Cool public hammock in downtown Hoosegor.

Riding bikes on the canal.

Saraya walking out to the pier